Becoming automatically generous is simply about having a plan to support the mission and vision of your church. Your generosity is an investment that helps create a strong church for our community, and will make a difference in the lives of others. To remain strong, we need the people who love Anthem to develop a plan to support it.

It can be a scary step though, even for those who have been faithfully giving for years. Committing to give consistantly every month can be daunting, so we want to make this really simple. A trial run. Complete with a safety net.

The Challenge

In a sentence, the challenge is to set up an automatic gift through our online giving platform for the next 90 days. This challenge starts March 1st and ends May 31st. We know this is a huge step of trust, but you’re not in this alone! When you sign up, we will send you a small gift to thank you and help you in this challenge. We will also send you a few emails along the way to guide you on the journey. Lastly, if you ultimately regret the decision to become automatically generous, we will refund 100% of those 3 months’ contributions. No problem, and no questions asked.

Read more below to find out why we believe this could become a game-changer not only for your faith journey but also for our church. If you're ready to take the challenge, click on the button below to set up your automated gift today.

What Do the scriptures say?

Living generously is a principle that is found throughout the scriptures. When we give to the work of the local Church, we are putting legs to our faith by actively, habitually placing God first in our lives. It is a Jesus-follower’s way to thank God for His provision, to sustain our trust in Him, even to curtail our own greed. It also helps fuel the mission of the local church to share the love of Christ with others, especially those who are unchurched.

The bottom line is that as we grow in our relationship with Jesus, we mature to become increasingly like him. And because Jesus was generous, we want to grow in our generosity as well.

Click on the links below to learn more about what the scriptures have to say about generosity.

Mark 12:41-44     Matthew 6:19-21     Acts 20:32–35

2 Corinthians 9:6–8     Psalm 119:33-36     Proverbs 11:24-25

What ARE people SAYING?

"Because I travel so much for work, it has always been difficult for me to keep track of my giving. Often I get my giving report and am left wondering what happened because I thought I had given more conisistantly. Automating my generosity is exactly what I need."    
      - Chris Robinson, Anthem volunteer leader