For far too long the church has been known for what it is against. We want to be known for what we are FOR!

Anthem is FOR Gainesville. We are FOR you.

This initiative is about positioning Anthem to create new spaces for people to connect with God. By providing platforms in social media, podcasting, video production, and a stronger web presence in both computer and mobile spaces, we can effectively reach those who have become disengaged with the local church.

Through these digital means, Anthem can create a place where the current and future generations go to engage with the message of Jesus Christ. There are very specific needs associated with this effort, most of which include upgrading our campus to become capable of sharing our current and future experiences within a digital world. 

Will you come alongside us to help build this bridge? Will you make an investment to reach individuals who may find the physical space of the local church unnecessary, but are desperate to find a community that helps them engage with God? Thank you for considering this worthwhile endeavor.

Thank you for continuing to help Anthem be a community of faith that demonstrates we are FOR Gainesville!