I Said This You Heard That

 I Said, You Heard is a 6-week group experience using the “I Said This, You Heard That” curriculum that will help you discover how you are uniquely wired to say and hear certain words.

Words are powerful. They create and destroy confidence. They start and wreck relationships. They land and lose jobs. For better and–unfortunately–for worse, the words you say and the words you hear have the power to shape your entire life. This study will change every conflict and conversation you have—for good.


  • This Group will begin meeting the week of June 9.

  • Group meetings run for 6 weeks for about 90 minutes.

  • There are 2 leaders and 8-12 participants in each Group.

  • This Group costs $16 per person/couple (includes workbook)

To find out more or to join a Group, visit us any Sunday in the Gallery after either of our morning services or email us at groups@anthemchurch.com

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