Sunday 4:30 PM

myLIFE '19

At myLIFE, students will learn how to be ready when they face the inevitable obstacles of school. That’s why it’s called myLIFE—we want each student to be equipped to live their best life with God at the center. While spending the weekend at a host home in their community with their small group, students will attend three main sessions, have small group time, and participate in a fun group outing during free time. This event has the most built-in bonding time for your student and their small group, so you don’t want to miss it!


InsideOut is a weekly high school environment on Sunday nights. Each week students are encouraged to make wise choices even when it's hard, be a positive influence on their friends, and experience personal ministry through serving others.

High school is all about preparation. Post-graduation life is just around the corner and our goal is to partner with you on your student's faith journey. InsideOut is our Sunday environment specially tailored to help students pursue a faith that is real and authentic discover a personal mission. The goal of InsideOut is for students to love God, live differently and lead the way.


What to Expect

At InsideOut we relax and have a lot of fun together. We also take part in meaningful times of worship and hear a practical, helpful Biblical teaching each week. We wrap-up our time each Sunday by breaking up into small groups (led by some incredible small group leaders!) to process everything we’re learning and see how we can apply it to our lives. It’s these relationships with our small group and our small group leaders that really make InsideOut so much more than just another church service.

When your student arrives at Anthem they can’t miss us! Just look for the InsideOut flags and the loud music!


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