Administrative coordinator


STATUS: Part-Time
SUPERVISOR: Groups Director
WORK WEEK: Monday through Thursday
HOURS: 30-32 hours/week

Mission: To help lead people into a growing relationships with Jesus Christ.

Vision: To create a church that unchurched people love to attend.

Key Attributes:

  • Mature: Has a growing and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Honest: Can be trusted to do what they say and say what they mean

  • EQ: Relationally connects well with different people

  • Hungry: Driven to accomplish tasks and reach goals

  • Humble: Puts others first and isn’t consumed with getting credit

Staff Values:

  • Open-handedness - How are you choosing to hold tightly to God and loosely to everything else?

  • Replacing Yourself - Who are you apprenticing and/or mentoring?

  • Making It Fun - How are you making Anthem an enjoyable place to work?

  • Collaboration - How are you leveraging the talent and skills of staff outside your area?

  • Celebrating Others - What are you doing to appreciate others and be generous toward them?

  • The 2% - What are you doing to pursue excellence in your area?

  • Rhythm and Balance - Who are you managing your time and taking care of yourself spiritually, physically, relationally, financially, and emotionally? 

Preferred Skills and Knowledge: 

  • Highly organized and comfortable with creating structure

  • Effective with customer-service oriented actions

  • Proficient at creating and improving organizational systems

  • Adaptable to shifting priorities

  • Highly capable with business management and communication systems

  • Effective at written and verbal communication



Lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by helping organize and facilitate systems within the Adult Ministries Team.


  • Partner with Groups Director to assist with the coordination and execution of various Adult Ministry events.

  • Facilitate the coordination and administration of the Events Team to enhance event production. 

  • Record and track new guest visits, volunteer interest, and new family data into church database system. 

  • Execute connection processes by on-boarding new volunteers, schedule shadowing appointments, and submitting paperwork.

  • Build and execute a metric system to achieve retention and increase engagement of guests.

  • Assist Lead Pastor in organizing appointments, researching, and routing formal correspondence by helping draft letters and documents.