Executive PAstor


STATUS: Full-time
REPORTS TO: Lead Pastor       
WORK WEEK: Sunday through Thursday
HOURS: 45 / week - Sunday hours required

Mission: Engage, equip and deploy volunteers, contract employees and staff to help lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through the effort of core church operations.

Vision: Leverage your shepherding role as a catalyst for helping Anthem create a growing church that unchurched people love to attend.

Bottom Line: Initiate, supervise and provide the leadership necessary to develop and enhance strategic initiatives and core church operations so that attendees at Anthem can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


  • Open-Handedness - How are you choosing to hold tightly to God and loosely to everything else?

  • Replacing Yourself - Who are you apprenticing and/or mentoring?

  • Making It Fun - How are you making Anthem an enjoyable place to work?

  • Collaboration - How are you leveraging the talent and skills of staff outside your area?

  • Celebrating Others - What are you doing to appreciate others and be generous toward them?

  • The 2% - What are you doing to pursue excellence in your area?

  • Rhythm and Balance - How are you managing your time and taking care of yourself spiritually, physically, relationally, financially, and emotionally?


  • Mature: Has a growing and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Honest: Can be trusted to do what they say and say what they mean

  • EQ: Relationally connects well with different people

  • Hungry: Driven to accomplish tasks and reach goals

  • Humble: Puts others first and isn’t consumed with getting credit


  • Creative thinker and problem solver

  • Excellent team builder

  • Able to develop and shepherd high capacity leaders (staff and volunteers)

  • Proficient in developing relationships with volunteer leaders

  • Excellent grasp of business management and communication systems

  • Advanced accounting and/or business background

  • Naturally casts vision

  • Excels in written and verbal communication

  • Accomplished organizer and manager of administrative needs

  • Proficient in leading staff through evaluations, goal setting and leadership development

  • Undergraduate degree, or Seminary training or degree

  • Experience with non-profit fundraising and stewardship management



Provide shepherding and leadership to staff and key volunteer groups motivating and guiding them to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. All the while, leading the staff to participate in reaching strategic goals and producing excellence in core church operations. You must leverage your shepherding role to become a catalyst for growth at Anthem, in both the spiritual and numerical realms for your team and the adult attending base.


  • Cast vision for staff development within all departments

  • Give oversight for the development, implementation, and execution of the church’s strategic plan.

  • Track and analyze overall church trends (attendance, giving, First-time Guests, etc.) to develop strategic initiatives for progress.

  • Assist Lead Pastor in keeping all church staff functioning at a high level and in accordance with their core strengths.

  • Oversee general building operations and activities in all facilities leased, rented, or owned by the church

  • Oversee the scheduling and calendaring by administering the master church calendar

  • Serve as the Human Resource director for all employees which would include:

  • All personnel files dealing with salary, benefits, timesheets, vacation time, and sick leave

  • Manage performance reviews process

  • Develop and maintain the staff handbook

  • Research legal, tax, and employee matters as they arise

  • Assist the Lead Pastor in administering and developing salary, benefits, and bonus programs for the key ministerial directors

  • Evaluate the insurance needs of the church and secure what is deemed as necessary

  • Maintain an inventory of church property and equipment

  • Develop and manage the Stewardship Team toward accomplishing our financial goals

  • Oversee the overall operating budget of the church, while developing systems for handling finances that are accountable and efficient

  • Coordinate and work with appropriate staff for setting and executing ministry specific budgets

  • Create context and real-time meaning for giving talks and donor participation needs for SPD