Parent Unscripted

 Are you watching your children grow right in front of your eyes and wondering where the time is going? Do you ever feel like your kid’s personal Uber driver? We want to give you some helpful tools for making the most of whatever season of parenting you’re in.


  • Family Culture

  • Maximizing Your Time With Your Child

  • Technological Responsibility

  • Discovering Your Child’s Temperament

  • Spiritual Growth


  • This Group will begin meeting the week of June 9

  • Group meetings run for 6 weeks for about 75 minutes

  • There are 2 leaders and 8-12 participants in each Group.

  • This Group costs $9 per person/couple (includes workbook)

  • To find out more about Parent Unscripted or to join a Group, visit us any Sunday in the Gallery after either of our morning services or email us at